Ability And Action Electronic Co., Ltd already had very skilled technology on Bluetooth transmission pedometer production. It has helped clients develop many type of Bluetooth transmission pedometers and using the unique Piezo sensor to achieve the best results in power savings. Compared with other Bluetooth transmission type pedometer; which can only have few months battery life, our Bluetooth transmission pedometer can be used for 2-3 years without replace the battery or charging to ensure the integrity of the sport data. It is currently the most power-saving Bluetooth transmission pedometer in the market.

The mobile phone can through a specific pedometer app receive all personal sports data from the pedometer. When the user start pedometer app, the data will be automatically uploaded to the mobile phone, include the MVPA, Steps, motion time, exercise reminder, etc… The user can check the steps and sports information on pedometer or open the app check on mobile phone, which is very flexible in use.

We had plan to use this function on big data, We will create our own terminal server to manage the each pedometers data, also because the excellent power saving skill, it can be used in long-term data sampling, comparison, and Big chart presentation and other functions. This plan can be used in schools, insurance, hospitals, and other institutions. At the same time, we also introduced watch-type Bluetooth transmission pedometer, a variety wearing style to satisfy different consumers preferences.

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